Gift vouchers have become a popular gift for special occasions. Retailers and suppliers of goods and services allow you to purchase a spendable amount of money or a specific service at their outlet which can be redeemed by the special person you are purchasing it for. Whether it is a clothing store, home and furniture store, or a massage at your favourite massage parlour, you get to redeem the voucher for something which you can personally enjoy.

But what happens to those vouchers that slip in between the cushions on the couch, or get left over the summer in your favourite winter jacket, only to be discovered a year later. Has the voucher expired, or can you still “cash it in?”

According to section 63 of the Consumer Protection Act, vouchers expire after a period of 3 years after the date on which they are issued. This can, however, be extended at the discretion of the retailer / supplier.

It is advisable that monetary values be placed on vouchers, as the value of a service or particular thing can depreciate substantially over 3 years.

Do not allow yourself to be bullied into believing that your voucher has expired if it is less than 3 years since it was issued – you have a right to the value of that voucher.

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