In a recent CCMA case, an employee was reinstated as the company failed to show that the employee was under the influence of dagga.

The employee was charged with being under the influence, however all the company had for evidence was a positive test and an observation of red and watery eyes.

The CCMA found that this is not enough – although there isn’t a scientific test to show under the influence and the law hasn’t set the limits yet. A positive test does not mean that the employee is under the influence.

The company should haved looked at circumstantial evidence, such as mental or physical impairment. This the company did not do  and therefore the company failed to show that the employee was guilty.

The take home of this case, is that polices concerning the use of alcohol / dagga must be in place and more importantly the company should have in place an observation check list, which will set out certain aspects that managers / security should use to determine, not only if the employee tests positive, but if the employee is in fact under the influence.

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