In today’s fast paced environment we are constantly being warned to be careful of what we post or place on social media platforms. These warnings are not to be taken lightly as per the experience of a Limpopo father who was recently ordered by a court to keep to his promise made on WhatsApp.

The father in question, who received a Lotto payout of R20 million, promised each of his children R1 million via a WhatsApp message. Whilst it is not certain if all of his children took him up on the promise, the father’s former partner and mother of a teenage daughter insisted that the father pay out the daughter her share.

The father refused and the matter was taken to court where the Limpopo High Court held that a promise is a promise, even if made via WhatsApp message. The father was therefore ordered to pay up.

Let this court judgement be a harsh reminder to only post that which you are comfortable being bound to. Social media often creates the impression of freedom of speech without accountability, but this is clearly not the case and caution must be exercised whenever making use of such platforms.

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[Article by Sandy Scholtz]

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