Corporate Social Investment

In our commitment to the community and to the growth of our profession we endeavour to support the community wherever possible.

  • Our Directors and staff have over the past years served on the boards of various charitable and public institutions where they render a service to the community free of charge, such as the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Audit and Risk Committee, Equity Officer, Law Faculty, Advisory Board), Nelson Mandela University Trust, Community Chest, Cat Care, Animal Welfare Society, Red Cross, MTR Smit Children’s Haven, and the Goosen Eye Bank (Pty) Limited (Section 21 Company).
  • We support numerous other charities and in particular the Family Restoration Services, a Section 21 Company which operates foster homes in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth. The firm has taken on the Tamsanqa Children’s Home as an ongoing project, and we sponsor the home in various ways, e.g. by fundraising and donations. We have also hosted Christmas parties for the children and provided each child with a personalised gift.
  • Our professional staff conduct various projects and legal work pro bono (free of charge) in cases which deserve such assistance.
  • Our company has been involved in various low cost housing schemes where we transfer properties to beneficiaries at a nominal cost.
  • Annually we support the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Student Recruitment Programme and offer Student Vacation and Mentorship Programs in our commitment to the growth of our profession.
  • The firm takes part in the Corporate Iron Man event each year.
  • The firm also makes regular monthly donations to the Animal Welfare Society, and some years ago adopted 2 adults cats who were “on death row” at AWS, as office cats. Goldie and Mischief soon crept into the hearts of the staff and are part of the Goldberg & de Villiers Family.
  • The spirit of social responsibility filters through all levels of employment at Goldberg & de Villiers Inc, as can be evidenced by the fact that our staff often, and of their own volition, rally support for various worthwhile causes on an ad hoc basis where needs arise in our community, and often challenge other law firms to do the same, thus raising more awareness and increasing support for the particular cause.